Adding Remote Files

Adding Remote Files

This tutorial covers the following topics:

  • Creating a new profile
  • Defining a remote host by using either password- or key authentication
  • Adding new sources (log files) from the remote host to the profile

It is based on the Windows version of Retrospective.

Searching and tailing remote log files require configuring connections to hosts where those files are stored. Retrospective supports password based and SSH key based user authentication. Follow these instructions to add remote log files.

Step 1: Click the   icon to open the Profiles tab.

Step 2: Select desired profile and click the  button.

Step 3: Click the  button.

Step 4: Provide connection details: IP address or hostname and port number on which the SSH service is running (default 22).

Step 5: Select authentication method: Password or SSH key

Note: In order to use SSH key authentication, you will need a combination of private and public keys along with a keyphrase. Public key should be uploaded and stored on the remote host.

Step 6: Provide user authentication details: username and password for password authentication or username, private key and keyphrase in case of SSH key based authentication.

Step 7: Click the [OK] button to add host definition.

Step 8: Click newly added host and browse its file system to find desired log files.

Step 9: Select desired log files and click the [OK]  button to add log files definition to given profile.


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