Enterprise Service Bus

To integrate old and new systems, a service-oriented architecture needs an infrastructure that can connect any IT resource, whatever its technology is and wherever it is deployed. To be flexible, it needs an infrastructure that can easily combine and reassemble services to meet changing requirements without operation disruption. To deliver the required reliability an infrastructure that is robust and secure must be provided.

This infrastructure is the Enterprise Service Bus.

An ESB is software infrastructure that simplifies the integration and flexible reuse of business components within a service-oriented architecture. An ESB provides a dependable and scalable infrastructure that connects disparate applications and IT resources, mediates their incompatibilities, orchestrates their interactions, and makes them broadly available as services for additional uses.

There are five principal aspects that need to be considered when selecting an ESB:

  • Performance and scalability
  • Security, reliability and availability
  • Distribution
  • Flexibility
  • Visibility and control



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