Opensphere Test Suite

Opensphere is a powerful standalone application built by integration experts for integration specialists to provide them with an easy-to-use tool that speeds up analysis, development and testing of message-based middleware, web-services, database dependent applications and custom components. It offers a set of highly configurable modules that can be combined with existing programs or components to seamlessly build a smart infrastructure for supporting and speeding up development and provides a complete harness for testing in an integration environment.

We believe that effective testing of integration solutions starts right at the beginning of integration projects. The Opensphere testing framework allows you to develop tests in parallel to the software engineering process and maintain them during the whole product lifecycle. Ultimately, reusability is a necessity not only for software development but also for test modules.

Key features of Opensphere are:

  • Instant access to Web-Services: Opensphere allows you to define SOAP web service clients dependent on either HTTP or JMS. It also offers server simulators (SOAP over HTTP) that respond to operation invocations as specified by the user.
  • Ease of use: Uncomplicated and straight forward program installation procedure, intuitive and well organized GUI, no requirement for server component and a comprehensive manual
  • All-inclusive automated testing: Opensphere enables testing a Web-services endpoint, JMS messaging route or a Tibco RendezvousTM flow. It includes testing modes for functional, volume and regression testing; it is easy to deploy, has ergonomic graphical interface and offers advanced result comparison.
  • Visualised Application Environment: Different inbuilt elements can quickly be configured to simulate components in a development environment that have not yet been developed. This reduces dependencies on other software and naturally speeds up the projects. Opensphere can be also used to analyse the functionality of existing modules, to trigger processes and compare produced data.
  • Message Detection: publishing, detecting, editing, storing or re-sending Tibco RendezvousTM, Tibo EMSTM, ActiveMQ, SwiftMQ or other JMS messages is possible with a free Message Detector component.
  • Advanced Reporting: Opensphere reports all the steps of the testing process in detail and clearly relates the testing result that can further be published to a server and made available to a larger public.

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