Our capital

Our employees are our most important capital. This is why we invest a lot in our team to face the ever growing IT challenges of our world with innovative solutions that stand out from the crowd in their simplicity and elegance.

Due to the continual “war for talent” in the IT world, centeractive has expanded its recruiting activities across the Swiss borders and only draws the best IT specialists into its team in Berne. We emphasize technical qualifications as well as the linguistic and social competence of our staff members. You can use the support of our employees to reach your goals in an agile and cost-effective way. Whether you need a short-term know-how boost, a work around for resource bottlenecks in your project or a long-term partner – our specialists get to the point with heart and dedication.

At centeractive you find competent resources for:

  • software engineering with standard and enterprise Java editons, OSGI, OpenSource
  • messaging, systems integration, process automation and workflow design based on the range of products from TIBCO.
  • monitoring and process control using RTView and OpenSource
  • continuous integration and testing
  • system architecture and business process modeling
  • agile project management

Unlike many other companies offering similar services we never pull the wool over our customers’ eyes - we only offer our own employees who are experienced in working on solutions, have technical competence, social skills and are very reliable. We are not seeking to make a quick profit but we believe in a long-term cooperation based on mutual trust and fulfillment of customers' needs. Our outsourced staff are continually trained and encouraged to progress professionally and we regularly check customers' satisfaction to assure the highest quality of services is being provided.

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