Retrospective Log Analyzer

Retrospective Log Analyzer offers a faster and easier way for IT people to manage their enterprise log data on either Windows, Mac or Linux.

At centeractive we believe that log analysis is often like looking for a needle in a haystack: you have thousands of log files distributed over many servers and searching through them can be a time-consuming and laborious process.

Retrospective is an intuitive and fast solution for such problems. It allows you to easily identify and configure thousands of huge log files located on many different servers in your network with as few steps as possible and to create “profiles” containing your personal groups of such data. Retrospective is also very much faster than a wildcard grep.

Whether you develop software, integrate systems, have to carry out massive tests or are in support and struggle with problematic tickets, Retrospective enables you to instantly search through distributed logs and get instant data transparency. In addition, if you need to keep a “real-time” eye on different logs, Retrospective provides a “tail” feature that conveniently merges different tailed logs into one unified view. With Retrospective there is no expensive and time consuming analysis of your IT landscape, building of centralised log storage or complex indexing but just an ultra-fast, easy and ad-hoc way to access to your data, and it can be installed in less than one minute.

Retrospective clearly stands out with its user friendliness. It looks like one of your favourite web browsers - it has tabs, which can be dragged to separate windows or to another tab in another window and it’s available on 3 platforms. Log Analysis has never been easier or more intuitive.

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