Software Engineering

centeractive provides high quality software engineering in the areas of enterprise and consumer java, OSGI and Open Source.

Good software engineering starts with a plan and not with technical products. For successful creation of solutions that add value to the enterprise, clear targets are the epicenter of our activity.

For centeractive, the creation and adaption of software for our customers means the transformation of technology know how into business relevant solutions. To achieve this we use agile and lean principles that lead us to an iterative and incremental development process with constant and regular feedback for our client.

We use Scrum and Kanban to create and execute our projects. Lean management is important to us, and for our software engineering we follow those core principles:

  1. We define the value of the project by taking the customer perspective. Then we eliminate everything that is not adding to this value
  2. We identify the core value stream of the project and concentrate on the optimization of this stream
  3. Important design decisions are postponed to the latest reasonable moment in order to prevent costly rework and unmet requirements
  4. We deliver results early and regularly to establish a continual improvement process
  5. We value cross-functional teams to create integrated solutions

Think big, act small, fail fast, learn rapidly

We are striving towards a development environment which consists of close customer collaboration, peer review and processes that are clearly defined and transparent. To the best of our knowledge this concept enables a profound understanding of how the target system should work and how to tackle the development process.

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