TIBCO Engineering

Benefit from our solid experience of our long-term corporation with enterprises including telecoms, power-, industry-, banks and public transportation companies. We have a proven track record of successful solutions in a wide variety of technical areas.
centeractive was one of the first companies in Switzerland to implement TIBCO solutions. We are steadily supporting our customers to make the most out of the fastest and best infrastructure software for integration, automation and real time processing in challenging projects.
Our TIBCO engineering for messaging, integration and workflow relies on the power of the innovative TIBCO software and combines it with our strengths in common software engineering.
The centeractive TIBCO experience in configuration management and continuous integration allows for integrated solutions that are a prerequisite for the success of your TIBCO initiatives.
We make sure that the solution fits the requirements and is scalable, performing and extensible. TIBCO software allows cost-effective and fast projects. When the need arises, we customize the solution quickly and efficiently to the conditions of your company.
centeractive experience in integration architecture and our focus on added business value for our clients ensure a maximum longevity and extensibility of the architecture.


Mirador is an intuitive and powerful TIBCO Hawk® console program that allows you to monitor computer systems in a decentralized and distributed environment. It adds many benefits in terms of visualization, debugging and testing of the overall monitoring solution.
The program presents an instant view of the health of the monitored system and lenables you to easily retrieve the required information from remote computers.

Our program entirely relies on Hawk and does not require any additional software to be installed server side. Mirador is a desktop application that automatically detects Hawk agents and collects data from them. It is able to interact with all Hawk microagents using existing Hawk APIs. You may invoke remote methods manually or automatically and produce the desired results including live trend graphs of almost any data such as…    

• Memory usage/ Heap size
• JMS queue sizes
• Number of processed messages
• Number of acknowledged messages
• etc.

Mirador smoothly integrates with the Hawk alerting mechanism and provides user-friendly, convenient functions to directly invoke remote methods and show the results in different views such as tables, forms and charts of many types. The program also enables you to subscribe to events that may occur at any place within different networks.  In addition, it has a powerful report generation feature that enables you to generate useful reports from the Hawk agents found in the monitored environment in PDF, XLS or HTML format.

Mirador is the “icing on the cake” when working with Tibco Hawk™.

Read more at: http://www.mirador.centeractive.com

centeractive proudly features the "Swiss Made Software" label as an active member of the Swiss software industry. The brand stands for Swiss values, innovation, openness and flexibility in software.


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