Create Profile

Create Profile

This tutorial covers the following topics:

  • Creating a profile in the Profiles tab
  • Renaming a profile
  • Adding log files to the a profile by browsing the local/remote filesystem

It is based on the Mac version of Retrospective.


Profiles are user defined lists of log files. When searching, Retrospective will process only log files defined in the selected profile.

Step 1: Open the Profiles tab by clicking the  icon in the toolbar.

Step 2: Create a profile by clicking the [Add] button. Double-click the name of the profile to change the name (The profile is in "name-edit" mode per default right after creating it). 

Step 3: By clicking the [Add sources] button you can add log files to your profile.

Step 4: Select local drive (or a remote host) and browse the filesystem to find the desired log files.

Step 5: Select desired log files, all the log files from specified directory or provide a filtering expression.


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