Importing hosts definitions

Importing hosts definitions

This tutorial covers the following topic:

  • Importing host definitions from either PuTTY or the .ssh/config file.

It is based on the Windows version of Retrospective.


Searching log files stored on remote hosts requires a number of configuration parameters to define the remote hosts in Retrospective. It’s very likely that you access those hosts on a daily basis using PuTTY or over SSH so you might have them already defined in PuTTY or in a .ssh/config file. Follow the steps below to import your existing host definitions from before mentioned sources.

Step 1: Prepare your SSH hosts configuration file and save save your configuration in PuTTY.

Step 2: Store your configuration file in the home/.ssh/ folder (e.g. john_smith/.ssh/).

Step 3: Start Retrospective and click the  icon to open the Hosts tab.

Step 4: Select desired hosts definition file.

Step 5: Click the  icon, double-click desired host or right-click it and select Import from the context menu.

Step 6: Verify configuration parameters, provide password for given user and click the [Save] button to store host definition.

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